• Welcome to Xtreme Tanning!

    Calling TANners

    You're a teen at heart. Thats ok. We get you. That's why we have so many tanning options available. Wanna get the tan you deserve? No problem. Stop in for a quick tour of our salon and see what we have to offer. You'll always find a bed you'll want to use.

    Don't waste one minute more!

    Those white pasty buns are not going to tan themselves. Make the commitment to be tan.

    Contact us
    for a tour of one of our salons!

    Make it a group thing!

    There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our referral program. From single tans to our Easy Pay programs, there's one to help your tan. With 6 locations to serve you.

    Chances are, there's one close to you. Come in and see how you can get $10 in store credit!

    If you are already a tanner just bring some one in that has not tanned with us and get another 5 for 5 to try all our levels out. A $60 Value!

    Getting TAN is fun & easy!

    Nothing's more important than a great tan. So why aren't you tanning? Probably because you're just now checking us out.

    We're a one-stop tanning emporium.

    Take advantage of us, and pretty soon everyone will be checking you out.

    Check out our Unlimited Tanning Options!
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